Make your party extra special with our extra fun entertainment. Little Artist Party provides a wide range of add-on and party extras. We have many fun activities that will make your party a memorable one.

Bounce House

The Disney Princess bounce house is a beautiful jumper perfect for your little princess. Pictures of all the beautiful Disney Princesses will surely bring a smile on your little girl’s face. Bring home the Disney Princess bouncer today and make it a bouncing good time for your little princess.

This beautiful Cars bouncer has all your popular characters from the famous Cars movie. Let your special one have a racing good time in this Cars bounce house. Perfect for boys events who are Cars crazy.


Spin Art Machine

The Spin Art Machine is a wonderful party extra that is sure to entertain your little ones and provide them with a beautiful artwork to make your event memorable. The spin art machine includes 8-12 different color paints and 25 records. Let their artistic side come out during your next event with this fun spin art machine.

Glitter Art Tattoo’s

Our amazing Glitter Art Tattoos are guaranteed to keep the kids entertained. We have an extensive design collection to suit your party theme. Adding our sparkly glitter tattoos to your party is definitely the perfect way to entertain kids, teens and even adults.

Candy Sand Art

The Candy Sand Art you can eat! Easy and fun for all ages. Layer your favorite flavors in the tube and enjoy! Each Sandy Candy color is a different flavor and comes in an easy-to-handle, pourable bottle. Kids pour their favorite colors and flavors into the tube to create an edible masterpiece.

Snow Cone Machine

The Snow Cone Machine is real simple to use and comes with 100 cups and five flavors. Flavors include kiwi strawberry, blue raspberry, orange, cherry and lemon-lime. Bring some cool treats to your next event that everyone will enjoy. Ice cubes are not included.

Cotton Candy Machine

The Cotton Candy Machine makes tasty classic style cotton candy everyone is used to. Includes 70 servings, sugar and cones. Very simple to operate, instructions included.

Bubble Machine

The Bubble Machine has a “Double Bubble Wheel” designed to produce a steady stream of bubbles. Comes with a remote to operate from far away. Includes 1 gallon bubble fluid for hours of bubbles.


The Piñata is always fun at any party. The Piñata includes candy/prizes inside and candy bags. Different piñata themes are available.


Having a character at your party is sure to enlighten your event. Check with your Little Artist Party regrading the availability of the characters.


Rent the dual basketball shootout for your next sporting event and see who can make the most baskets. This basketball shootout has 2 basketball courts and rims with full regulation heights. Includes 2 full size basketballs.

Carnival Games

Perfect for carnivals, fundraisers, or large events. Easy to operate, maintain and attend.


Toss the plastic balls at the game board, land on two of the same colors to win! Comes with 3 plastic balls.

Down a Clown

Knock down 3 of the same clowns using 3 bean bags to win! This game has custom sculpted Clowns.

Hit The Bucket

Try out your skills on how gently you can toss the ball to hit the bucket and stay inside of it. This tricky carnival game is a classic and sure to be a hit in any carnival style event.

Ring Toss

Try and loop one of the many pins, land on different colors for prizes. It’s harder than it looks.

Fish in the Bowl

See how many fish you can catch in the bowls with this unique carnival game. Toss the fish into the bowl, the player with the most fish in the bowl wins!


Toss 3 balls into the game, get 3 in a row on a straight or diagonal line to win.

Can Smash

Knock down all the cans off of the platform to win. One of the most popular carnival games around.

Duck Hunt

Go Hunting with this beautifully classic Duck Hunt Carnival Game. Take aim and toss those bean bags or balls and try to knock down 3 Ducks.


  • Additional 1/2 hour – $75
  • Additional Craft – $3
  • Additional Party Host – $50
  • CottonCandy Machine – $80
  • Glazing Ceramics – $25
  • Party Favors – $4+
  • Snow Cone Machine – $80
  • Carnival Games – $35


  • Bounce House – $80+
  • Bubble Machine – $40
  • Candy Sand Art – $150
  • Characters – $180+
  • Face Painting – $120
  • Glitter Art Tattoos – $120
  • Piñata – $60
  • Spin Art on Records – $175
  • Basketball Shootout -$165