Arts and Crafts Play-Date  

  •   $375 for up to 17 children


  • Each additional child $8


  • 1.5 hours


  • 2 Party Hosts


  • 2 Crafts per child


  • Colorful and Full Table


  • Paint


  • Smocks


  • Glitter tattoos


  • Setup and cleanup

Art is not only creation but also a way for kids to express themselves … and that’s exactly what our Arts and Crafts Party is all about! Children can make their own take-home party favors using their imagination and creativity while working with numerous craft materials. Children can choose their own crafts to paint and decorate. Our crafts include; canvases, ceramics, wooden crafts, fabric crafts and more. Check out our “Craft List“ page and choose from our wide variety of crafts! Choose your favorites to paint with your friends! We can match your party theme too.