Slime Time Party

  • $375 for up to 17 children
  • Each additional child is $7
  • 1.5 hours
  • 2 Party hosts
  • Slime making
  • Slime ingredients
  • Slime containers
  • Variety of slime decorations
  • Variety of slime glitter toppings
  • Variety of slime scents
  • Decorate slime containers
  • Glitter art tattoos
  • Setup and cleanup

SLIME is the CRAZE!! It’s the best kind of messy, creative and a blast!! Kids love making slime!  They get to make their own SLIME color and also choose from a variety of materials they can put in their slime including: pom-poms, beads, glitter, foam balls and more! Children will have a blast rolling up their sleeves and diving into an assortment of gooey slime.

(*Additional Party Hosts might be added depending on the number of kids at no additional charge.)

Add MORE FUN to your Party!

  • Additional 1/2 hour $75
  • Additional Party Host $60
  • Glazing Ceramics $25

Cupcake Decorating Party 
$150 for up to 15 children, each additional child is $5

Tie-Dye Party
$175 for up to 15 children, each additional child $6

Candy Art Party 
$150 for up to 17 children, each additional child $4